AVNIR-2: Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer type 2

The on-board AVNIR-2 is a high resolution imaging spectrometer operating in the visible and NIR spectrum and successor to AVNIR on-board the Advances Earth Observation Satellite (ADEOS). It mainly observes land and coastal areas in visible and near-infrared bands, in order to create land cover/land usemaps and land-use maps essential for monitoring regional environments.

The instrument has a pointing function (±44°), which makes it possible to change target areas in the cross-track direction for prompt observation.

AVNIR-2 Main Specifications
No. of bands 4
Wavelength Band1: 0.42 - 0.50μm
Band2: 0.52 - 0.60μm
Band3: 0.61 - 0.69μm
Band4: 0.76 - 0.89μm
Ground resolution 10 m (nadir-looking)
Swath 70 km (nadir)
Signal-to-noise ratio >200
Spatial frequency
transfer function
Bands 1-3: >0.25
Band 4: >0.20
No. of detectors 7,000/band
Pointing angle ±44°(cross-track direction)
Bit length 8 bits

*The areas beyond 88.4°N and 88.5°S are unobservable.

AVNIR-2 data are available in Level 1A, Level 1B1 and Level 1B2, which are generated by applying radiometric and geometric corrections to the acquired data.

■Definitions of processing levels of AVNIR-2 products

Level Definition
1A This is AVNIR-2 raw data, generated by subset of the observed data into scenes and applying decompression and line generation. Radiometric and geometric information necessary for Level 1B processing and onward is applied.
1B1 This product is generated by applying radiometric correction to the Level 1A data and adding absolute correction coefficients. Geometric and other necessary information for Level 1B2 processing and onward is applied.
1B2 This product is generated by applying geometric correction to the Level 1B1 data. The following correction options are available.
G:Registered to maps. Geo-coded.

AVNIR-2 imagery

This image over Tokyo Bay was acquired by the Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer Type2 (AVNIR-2) on-board ALOS on September 20, 2009. The image is represented in colors close to the human eyes' perception. The ground resolution is 10 m.
By combining the data taken by AVNIR-2 in four different bands, from visible to near-infrared, the image gives good ideas of how well the crops and forests are, the land use, changes to the local environment, and so forth.

AVNIR-2-Tokyo Bay

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