ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Archive

How to purchase

[Step 1] Archive Data Search

You can search ALOS-2 archive data through “Earth Observation Data Utilization Promotion Platform” (hereinafter referred to as Platform).
Please access to the link below and check if there are archive data you want to purchase.

Earth Observation Data Utilization Promotion Platform

[Step 2] Platform Account Registration

Once you decide which data to purchase, please go to purchase process.
  First, register your account by providing your information on Platform.
The system automatically sends you an account issuance notification e-mail.

*Please input an official name of your organization in “Organization” field. Please ignore “Organization Kana” and “Contact Name Kana” fields.

*If you don’t receive the account issuance notification e-mail after you complete the registration, please check the spam mail folder or rejection of reception settings.

[Step 3] Order Placement on Platform

Please place an order on Platform with your account created at Step 2 above.
  After you place an order, “Order Confirmation e-mail” will be sent to you from Platform automatically.

[Step 4] Payment

Please make a payment once you place an order.
You can make a payment by “Credit card ” or via “Bank transfer ”.

[Step 5] Delivery

When the data is processed and ready to be delivered, “Product Delivery Notification” email will be sent to you.
Please download the data from the link in the e-mail.


  • ・Please contact us or regional distributers if you would like to know prices in advance.
  • ・Data will be delivered within 5-7 business days after placing an official order on Platform.
  • ・Delivery of ScanSAR data might take 7-10 business days due to their large volume.
  • ・Quotation, Delivery notification and Invoice can be downloaded from Platform.
  • ・If you need express delivery, please send the certificate of payment to PASCO ALOS Team ( )
  • ・If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or regional distributers.

Contact us

For inquires, please contact the following.

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