ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 New acquisition

How to purchase

[Step 1] Inquiry

Please send all the information below to the distributor in your region or to PASCO ALOS Team ( ) if there is no distributor in your region.

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation(Company / Organization)
  3. Purpose of use
  4. Area of interest*1
  5. Acquisition period
  6. Acquisition mode
  7. Polarimetry

*1:Please attach GIS data (shape file, kml, kmz etc.) if available.

[Step 2] Feasibility Study by PASCO or Distributer

We will check dates and possibilities of acquisition based on the conditions you provide us and will provide you with “Acquisition Plan” and “Scene coverage”.*2

*2:kml file or shape file.

[Step 3] Order Sheet Submission

Once you select the scenes and the dates you want to acquire, please fill out “ALOS2_ALOS Order Sheet” *3 and send it to PASCO or distributer.

*3 :You can download from here

[Step 4] Quotation Issue and Purchase Order(PO) Submission

We will send you a quotation based on “ALOS2_ALOS Order Sheet”.
We will also send you Purchase Order for you to sign, so please put order date and your signature on it and send it back to us if you agree on the price and conditions on the quotation.

[Step 5] Payment

We will issue the Invoice upon receipt of the signed PO. Please wire the new acquisition fee into our designated bank account.
We will place the formal new acquisition order, once we confirm your payment to our bank account.

[Step 6] Order Placement on Platform

When the acquisition is performed successfully, we will inform you the ID number of acquired data (named scene ID).
  Please place your order on “Earth Observation Data Utilization Promotion Platform” (hereinafter referred to as Platform) by searching scene ID we inform you and let us know the purchase order number (PON_00000xxxx)

Earth Observation Data Utilization Promotion Platform

[Step 7] Delivery

When the data becomes ready, Product Delivery Notification email will be sent to you automatically from Platform. Please download the data from the link in the e-mail.


  • ・Acquisition request due date is about 3 weeks prior to the actual acquisition date.
  • ・Data will be delivered within 5-7 business days after placing an official order on the Platform.
  • ・Delivery of ScanSAR data might take 7-10 business days due to their large volume.
  • ・Please contact us or regional distributers if you would like to know prices in advance.
  • ・If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or regional distributers.

Contact us

For inquires, please contact the following.

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