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Least Processed ALOS Imagery Product

Standard Products are designed for users who have advanced capability of image processing.

ALOS-2(PALSAR-2) Product Specifications

Observation Mode Resolution Swath
Spotlight 1m(Az)×3m(Rg) 25km(Az)×25km(Rg)
Strip Map Ultra-Fine 3m 50km
High-sensitive 6m 50km
Fine 10m 70km
ScanSAR 100m 350km
60m 490km

ALOS(PRISM) Product Specifications

Processing Level Scene Size
Level 1A ・35km×35km/Scene (Nadir, Forward, Backward)
・35km×70km/Scene (Nadir)
Level 1B1
Level 1B2 Geo-reference
Level 1B2 Geo-coded


Level Definition Format
Level 1.1 This is complex number data on the slant range following compression of the range and azimuth. As one-look data, it includes phase information and will be the basis for later processing. In wide-area mode, image files are created for each scan. CEOS SAR/GeoTIFF
Level 1.5 This is multi-look data on the slant range from map projection amplitude data, with range and azimuth compressed. CEOS SAR/GeoTIFF
Level 2.1 Geometrically corrected (orthorectified) data using the digital elevation data from Level 1.1. CEOS SAR/GeoTIFF
Level 3.1 Image quality-corrected (noise removed, dynamic range compressed) data from Level 1.5. CEOS SAR/GeoTIFF


Level Definition Format
1A ALOS raw data clipped out of L0 data to scene. Radiometric calibration and geometric correction coefficients are added for Level 1B processing. CEOS
1B1 1A data with radiometric correction. CEOS
1B2 1B1 data with geometric correction. Following correction options are available.
 ・Geo-coded (Projected based on the direction on the map)
 ・Rough DEM (Digital Elevation Model) correction:this option corrects the topographical influence to the areas where DEM was covered. DEM correction is effective only in Japanese region.

Product Prices

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File Format

CEOS is standard format for ALOS-2 and ALOS data consisting of several different files.

For more detailed information on the processing levels and file format, please refer to the following JAXA’s page.

ALOS-2 Product Format

ALOS Product Format

Sample Data

ALOS-2 and ALOS sample data is available from the following page.
Sample Data Page

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